Rusticly Modern

Change is scary. Change is good. But not always. It can be negative too. But when we want to make it perfect and have a strong desire to not fail, we get scared.

Often times, my clients come to me and they’re scared of what to do. They feel overwhelmed, lost, and confused. But just like a child riding a bike without training wheels, I help and guide them first. I tell them they can do it, and worst case, we can keep editing until it’s perfect!

The best part of my job is that I get to make my clients love their home/space! I had a client who had great ideas and style. But she didn’t know how to put it together. I listened to what she wanted and helped her. After some concepts and brainstorming, we were one step closer to what she just saw in pictures! It’s not fully finished, but everything takes time.

IMG_6045 IMG_3094

This home added a few key points and it turned into a more welcoming space! The simple additions of accessories, panels, ceiling fan, etc made all the difference!

If you are designing your home, remodeling, having renovations, remember to breathe. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me about Design!

Happy Designing!


Most women will understand that jewelry, makeup, and accessories is what finishes an outfit. Without them, it’s just not… amazing! Just like in fashion, accessories finish a design. It pulls it all together and helps you see everything as a whole. But don’t get me wrong, a beautiful gown is a focal point and important!

The accessories in a room makes it complete. It has warmth, feeling, sense to a space. Imagine these images below without all the accessories. It would feel so bare and cold. Yes, the architecture and main items are beautiful. But the pillows, books, sheets, flowers is what makes it beautiful!

Picking the right ones is tough, but with trial and error and help of a Designer can help you relieve that stress! The last finishing touches is one of the best parts of being a Designer, and I love it!

My favorite places for accessories is good ol’ Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Ross, Target, and even Good Will! Sometimes you find pieces when you least expect to find them!

Bedroom Bedroom 2 Living Room

Hiring an Interior Designer

Often times, I get asked by close family and friends, ‘Well, couldn’t people just design their homes on their own? Why would they pay someone to do that? There’s so many tips out there! Like Pinterest, Google, and even Houzz! It’s such a waste of money!’ Well, we all have the ability to look at something and copy it. Have you ever looked at an image, and had a paper/pen in 1 hand, and tried to draw it exactly? It doesn’t always quite turn out the way it looks, right? Unless we’re an expert at it, it doesn’t quite turn out the way we thought even though we COPIED IT! So my answer is, if you want to do it on your own and you feel like you can, that is awesome! — GO FOR IT! I am a big on DIY’s! However, sometimes leaving it up to the experts/professionals is best.

I had a client who said she remodeled 3 of her bathrooms, 2 years ago. She remodeled it with my help this time around. But said that she didn’t hire a Designer then because she wanted to save. She was trying to because it was “so much money” to remodel all 3 bathrooms. Well, they didn’t turn out the way she wanted or even thought. After looking at it for 2 years, she decided to do it right this time around with a Designer! And she can’t be happy enough with it.

I’ve been there where I tried to save and do something on my own and end up spending more money. And then I wish I would have just invested right away to not have to haggle through the difficulties and stress! Sometimes, the pros are there for a reason!

Hiring an Interior Designer is a great way to learn about design, techniques, ins and outs about the industry, and to simply have someone do all the hard work! I am a Designer and I know the mistakes people often make. And I am here to help you not make those!

Bedside Table

One of the questions clients ask me is if they need all the furniture in the bedroom to match. Of course everything is case by case. But it’s not necessary to have the bedroom furniture be so “matchy matchy.” It’s okay to add a little different funk to the bed side tables. Walk into Ikea and you will see that there is a line that matches for the bed frame, dressers, bedside tables, and even the bookshelf! It’s okay to do that, of course, but it’s okay to add a little funk and mix it up!

Bedside Table 3

Above here is a picture to be creative. Using old vintage storage boxes/luggage and painting them. Adding a little bit of fun to the room is always nice and definitely adds flavor. This could have been painted a fun pop of color and it would have still worked!

Bedside Table 2 Bedside Table 1

Bedside tables don’t have to be enormous. Remember, the purpose of bedside tables are to have our lamps, maybe watch/jewelry, cell phone (since we are all glued to it nowadays), and maybe some accessories. These two images above are examples on what you can do to them! The tables aren’t the focus of the bedroom. It’s definitely part of its’ beauty but not everything! So keeping it simple and minimal is great. Plus, we don’t ever want to knock so many things over in the middle of the night and wake our significant other! And if you don’t have a S.O. then, you don’t want to wake up from a chaos and needing to clean up. Because who really wants to clean up a mess at 3AM?

I’m not a feng shui connoisseur, but I do know it’s good to balance a bedroom by having two bedside tables on each side. So I try to tell my clients to have them on each end; they don’t have to match either!

Bedside tables can be switched and can be fun to change it up every so often! It’s like wearing jewelry; not the focal point of an outfit but plays an important role to make it all come together!

Happy Clients

I have to say, as a Designer, there’s nothing more satisfying and gratifying in life than making a client happy. I have my own thoughts, opinions, and style in designing. But at the end of the day, it is their home, their space, and they’re living in it! I am very mindful of that when I design and let them know it is okay to say “no” to my designs.

We get caught up in trying to not be rude or hurt each other’s feelings that often times we end up being pushovers or doing things we don’t even want. I have definitely purchased things because I felt pressured and didn’t want the associate to get hurt. But then again, WOULD their feelings be hurt? Who knows. ::shrugs + both palms up::

It’s important to ensure my clients that what they are getting is exactly what they want. And that I am with them every step of the way. And to remember I am on their side.

I recently had a client who needed some help with their living room (I will post before and after pictures in a later post). They had a beautiful home already so it was amazing to work with! I visited them once the project was finished, and their gratitude was unbelievable. I was so happy that I helped them love their home even more. They were so thankful in my work and said it was “exactly what [they] were looking for. Along with the right amount of motivation.” It might not seem like much, but appreciation and gratitude is one of the most important things in life to me. Without it, I would not do what I do. I love affecting peoples lives and their homes. For a lack of better words, I was very happy to see them happy. And nothing brings me more joy in work than Happy Clients. 😀


When it comes to remodeling, most clients first work on their kitchens. Kitchens are usually the most expensive to remodel and brings the value of the home up. It also makes cooking so much more fun! Who wouldn’t want to cook in a lovely kitchen?

The price for getting new countertops and cabinets are always a really really pretty penny. And, it usually costs more pennies than we expect. But at the end of it all, it’s worth it! That’s what I always tell my clients: At the end of it all, it will be SO worth it! The pain, the stress, the tears (yes, tears), the arguing with your spouse, indecisiveness is ALL worth it.

An entire re-gutting isn’t necessary, however, to make a kitchen beautiful. Take a look at this kitchen, for example, it is gorgeous with a few changes!

809902fc6b013babc6c81344db1d295bThe cabinets are painted white, with drawer pulls and handles, a new refrigerator, new stove, new microwave, new dishwasher, and new countertops are done on the bottom picture. It’s amazing what a difference it can make! I love seeing my clients’ faces when they walk into the same room feeling like it’s a different room! Better yet, a different place! Sometimes getting the right help by someone who has the knowledge is all you need. 🙂


Lately, this Nantucket Polar White has been popular! Everyone has been wanting to remodel their home with these cabinets. A lot of different vendors carry them with different styles. If you are interested in cabinets like these, contact me with more info and I can help you out!

Wall Color

Color changes dimension, warmth and overall feel of any space; it adds flavor, interest and character. Sometimes a plain white room is nice, but when you add a little pop of color, you feel life in it. Whether it be a pop of color on a wall, an ottoman, a vase, a plant, it says, “Someone lives here and there is life.”

Wall color is hard to choose sometimes because of how grand the actual scale is versus a paint strip at the store. And sometimes choosing a neutral tone is easier on the eyes. It also makes arranging furniture and replacing furniture more of an ease. We are constantly switching out our pieces to upgrade and if we have to repaint every time, … well, that’s just a pain. And who wants to do that?

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 2.47.09 PM
Like this room above, the neutral grey tone brings warmth. It ties the room together and allows you to put almost anything in the room. The grey is cool enough yet has a very small hint of red to bring warmth.

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 2.47.35 PM
The photo above has a wall color of brown. When we say brown, we imagine the typical color of a crayon named Brown. But there are so many different tints and tones of every color. This tone of brown (meaning black is added) complements the black & white photos along with the clean white sofa set.

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 3.25.16 PM
On the other side of the spectrum, here is an example of a monochromatic* room. The two white lamps balance out the eyes, and the bouquet of purple flowers make it an analogous** room bringing interest. When done right, it can be a beautiful room! The different tints of blue make it all that much more interesting! Can you picture yourself enjoying your Sunday afternoons in here?

*Monochromatic: All the colors of a single hue.
**Analogous: Colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel.